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Our current programs:
 1.) Transition Housing for the homeless: We have set up and provided group homes and transitional living for the homeless. Young adults that are homeless are a lot of times found slipping through the cracks of the system and completely forgotten, as well as the Veterans. We provide this to young adults, adults, and Veterans as well as the disabled of all ages.
2.) Job Training for the Disabled, Youth, Adults and Veterans: Support and job training for young adults aging out of the foster-care system, Veterans, disabled, and adults was so important to making their lives stronger, more independent, in order for them to work on their own and feel better about themselves.
3.) Drug and Alcohol Mentoring and Counseling: Alcohol and Drug mentoring, referrals for service and counseling by Licensed CAC III and MAC counselors. We found the need for all of these types of programs are grossly lacking in the State of Florida and the Nation.
4.) Equine Therapy Programs “Humans Training”: Natural Humans is a form of training through relationship, incorporating the use of the “5 senses” that allows the human to experience new insights about self by interaction with an animal.  It incorporates the Biblical philosophy that addiction is a “power and control issue”, motivated by “fear”, resulting in using substances to feel temporarily in control.   Work with the animal teaches the paradox of this concept.  Horses are used in our “training” model because they are large and powerful, very much like humans in that they are social animals; horses have distinct personalities, attitudes, and moods.  Horses like to have fun; they require work, whether in caring for them or working with them.  Most importantly, horses have the ability to mirror exactly what human body language is telling them and last of all; they are honest, which makes them especially powerful messengers.
Horses also teach effective communication, build confidence & self-empowerment and encourage leadership without relying on intimidation. These tools and knowledge transfer to personal life situations.
Our goals include:
We envision a place where all people of a community will benefit in building better family relationships and relationships in the community.
We envision a place where horses will minister to all walks of people.
Create an environment as a place where youth, men and women will be empowered and educated to have them free from drug abuse, disabilities, gangs, crime and violence.
We envision a place that will provide resourceful resources for job seekers that might need support in filling out job applications, tutoring in interview skills and the creation of various “cottage industries” that will provide temporary employment and job skill training.
We envision a place to be a resourceful community service and a collective service with other nonprofit providers in our same fields of service.