On August 26, 2011, the Eyes of the Beholder Foundation was founded by Robert and Deborah Avery in Pensacola, Florida as a nonprofit organization. Their hearts were drawn together by the struggles the Avery’s had in their own lives and with their disabled children. Working with and finding things that worked with all that disabilities create, it inspired them to do something for other parents and children who are disabled, to really make a difference in their lives. After finding a company specializing in helping nonprofit organizations get started, we began the work.
Robert Avery, Deborah Avery talked for days to find a Board of Directors meet and agree on the kind of services we would offer. We came up with helping all disabled people of all ages and nationalities with the programs list below in our “Programs” section. Setting up support and job training for young adults aging out of the foster-care system was so important to making their lives stronger, more independent, in order for them to work on their own and feel better about themselves. We also wanted to set up group homes and transitional living for the homeless for all people. Young adults that are homeless are a lot of times found sleeping on park benches or have simply slipped through the cracks of the system and completely forgotten. And lastly, presently we work hard at Alcohol and Drug mentoring, referrals for service and counseling by Licensed CAC III and MAC counselors. We found the need for all of these types of programs are grossly lacking in the State of Florida and the Nation.
For the last few years, we feel we have begun to make a difference in our community, we will then plan for our County, State and then the Nation in all our programs. Throughout this time we have always wanted to be a bigger part of the answer to the programs and the funding problems we have experienced and witnessed. To that end, we have established “The Eye of the Beholder Foundation” through which we look to great and positively affect the people we serve.